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研究員 中野 宏幸 (工博士・Mphil)

Administrative System of Regional Transport in the U.K. and a Desirable Direction of Approach to the Regional Transport Issues
Researcher: Prof. Dr. Hiroyuki Nakano



Traffic congestion and environmental problems caused by road traffic have been in focus both in the U.K. and Japan and then the concerns for appropriate policy responses to these problems and effective allocation of resources through democratic procedures has been growing. In the field of regional transport, the number of persons involved in these transport schemes has increased as the result of progressive privatization and deregulation. Considering these issues and constraints surrounding transport such as finance, it will become much more important to develop coordinated regional "planning" approach considering functional relationship both inter-modal and among transport, land-use and regional development, and to apply measures to develop consensus among concerned parties whenever a regional transport projects will be carried out. In order to realize these objectives effectively, several issues must be taken into consideration. These include: administrative initiative, appropriate financial instruments, community level public involvement and efforts at information disclosure. This paper considers a desirable direction of approach to respond to regional transport issues based on current experience and arguments relating to regional transport policies and the administrative restructuring of local governments in the U.K..