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研究員 平石 和昭 (前 運輸政策研究所)

A Study on the Indicator and Measures for Improving Urban Railways
Researcher: Kazuaki HIRAISHI(Former Researcher, ITPS)



Compared with the European countries, services and infrastructure of public transport in Japanese local metropolises are insufficient. Services and infrastructure of urban railways are considerably lower in quality and quantity. However, these metropolises should enhance their transportation system in order to reduce road congestion, to save energy, to reconstruct urban structures, to provide mobility services for disabled people, and to improve urban transport environment. Furthermore, these metropolises are variable in their orientation towards public transportation improvement. In this paper, I would like to make suggestions for improving services and infrastructure developments of urban railways. First, by comparison with the European countries, I pointed out problems of public transport in Japanese local metropolises. Second, I proposed a new indicator for measuring services and infrastructure developments of urban railways and evaluated urban railways in Japanese local metropolises. Third, considering the characteristics of each metropolis, I showed the direction of improvement of services and infrastructure. Forth, I suggested effective measures for increasing passengers or improving infrastructure of urban railways. I hope that these studies will help to improve services and infrastructure of urban railways in Japanese local metropolises.