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Jun.1998 英国域内バス事業の規制改革についての研究―2つの「競争」と都市交通の効率性―
客員研究員   松澤 俊雄 (経博/大阪市立大学経済研究所教授)
客員研究員補佐   山根 智仁 (経修/大阪市立大学大学院経済学研究科博士課程)

A Study on the Regulatory Reform in UK Local Bus Service : Effectiveness of Competitions in the Urban Transport
Researcher: Prof. Dr. Tosio Matsuzawa



More than ten years have passed since the UK local bus deregulation started in 1986. This was a drastic trial aiming both at the improvement of services and the reduction of public expenditure. There was a fierce controversy about the effectiveness of competitions how they could work. The expectation for the positive workability of competition through 'black box' on the one hand and the anxiety for wastefulness of competition on the other. We find positive results such as the reduction in unit operating cost and in public expenditure for subsidy through competitive tendering, whereas negative directions are also seen in the higher prices than had been expected and remarkable decreases in passengers especially in the metropolitan areas.

Two kinds of competitions were detected. The competitive tendering systems for subsidized services and franchises are considered to be successful in its cost effectiveness. But the another one, so called Ion the road competition' among operators for more passengers is found to be causing loss of liability for services and weakness of network performance both with operation and fare systems in urban areas.