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May.1998 国際船舶登録制度と日本への適用可能性
客員研究員   山岸 寛 (東京商船大学教授)
研究協力   室谷 正裕 (運輸政策研究所主任研究員)
    水流 正英 (運輸政策研究所研究員)

International Ship Register System and its Applicability to Japan
Researcher: Dr. Hiroshi YAMAGISHI



In our country, nagging-out(the transfer of a vessel to another country) is increasing. This phenomenon is by no means desirable from the standpoint of economic security. Therefore, it is necessary to take some measures immediately. International ship register system such as NIS and GIS were introduced in European countries such as Norway and German in the 1980s. This system's characteristics are composed of three points, that is; an establishment of a second ship register, deregulation of the manning system, and a tax reduction system. International ship register system was also introduced to protect nagging-out in our country in 1996. But, it is quite different from the contents of the European one. So, it is uncertain as to whether this system can contribute to the protection of nagging-out. We propose to introduce the same international ship register system as the European one in Japan as well. There is no restriction on the nationality of the vessel's crew members except that the captain must be a Japanese national. By using this ship register system, the cost of Japanese ship owners could be substantially reduced. So, in conclusion, the competitiveness of Japan-registered vessels must be increased.