“Improving Long-distance Passenger Transport Systems: Introducing High Speed Rail in India” in Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2013
Date & Time February 1st, 2013, 11:45`13:15
Venue Jehangir Hall, Taj Palace Hotel, (New Delhi, India)
Hosted by Institution for Transport Policy Studies(ITPS), The Energy and Resources Institute(TERI)
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This event named “Improving Long-distance Passenger Transport Systems: Introducing High Speed Rail in India” was held in Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2013. The event was co-hosted by ITPS and TERI, and aimed to present our joint study project named “A Study on the Mid/Long-term Railway Networks in India”

In the session, TERI made a presentation showing the necessity of introducing HSR in India from environment and energy perspectives. And ITPS made a presentation on measures to enhance the benefits brought by high speed rail considering Japan’s 47 year experience with HSR, in conjunction with introducing the features of the Japanese HSR “Shinkansen” system.

In panel discussion following these presentations, panelists actively discussed regarding the HSR introduction in India including the necessity of long-term strategies or appropriate measurement of its effects, and the importance of the government’s role.

Opening Remarks Shri Prakash (TERI)
Presentation Sarbojit Pal (TERI)
Yosuke Takada (ITPS)
Vinay Mittal
(Chairman, Railway Board, India)
Shri Prakash
R Sivadasan (Former Financial Commissioner, Railway Board, India)
Anupam Khanna (Chief Economist and Director General (Policy), NASSCOM and Principal Advisor, National Transport Development Policy Committee)
Jitendra Sondhi (Consultant, World Bank)

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