Seminar on Technology and Certification for Ballast Water Management (BWM) System between Japan and Korea
Date / Time Thursday, 8 March, 2012@10:00-18:00
Venue Lotte Hotel Busan, Cristal Ballroom (3F), The Republic of Korea
Host Japan International Transport Institute (JITI)
Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute (KORDI)
Participants 157

The BWM Convention was adopted in 2004 and recently, it is highly expected that the Convention will enter into force in the near future. The important element for its early entry into force and firm implementation is to supply a sufficient number of qualified BWM systems to the world market.

For this purpose, both governments have been making efforts to increase the number of the approved BWM systems based on G8 & G9 guidelines developed at IMO. In cooperation with each government, the ship machinery industries in Korea and Japan, as major shipbuilding countries of the world, have set forward necessary Research & Development for BWM Systems These are expected to be forerunners that can contribute further towards early entry into force of the Convention, through their advanced technologies and their capability for supply of BWM systems.

In this seminar, taking into account these situations, specialists from the Japanese government, the Korean classification society, research institutes and six manufacturers of qualified BWM systems of both countries introduced valuable information from their expertise. Topics included the policy of each government, technical information on various types of BWM systems and the latest information on how to deal with possible concerns on the ballast water sampling for Port State Control. During Q&A time, technical and legal issues were discussed actively among lecturers and participants from the shipbuilding industry, shipowners, manufacturers, academics, governments, classification societies, etc.

Coordinator Dr Kyoung Soon SHIN Principal Researcher, Ballast Water Center, KORDI
Remarks by Hosts Mr Makoto Washizu President of JITI
Dr KIM Seong-ryeol Director General of KORDI South Sea Branch
Session 1: Policy issues
(Chairman: Dr Kim Eun-Chan, KORDI)

Deputy Director, Inspection and Measurement Division, Maritime Bureau,

Mr Shinichi Hanayama
A member of GESAMP-BWWG, IMO/Senior Research Fellow, R&D Team Division,
Maritime Technology Department, OPRF, Japan

Mr Seo Sung Jin
Senior Surveyor, Korean Register of Shipping

Dr Rhie Kitae
A member of GESAMP- BWWG, IMO/Professor, Kyung Hee

Dr Shin Kyoungsoon
Principal Researcher, Ballast Water Center, KORDI

Session 2: Technical issues
(Chairman: Dr Rhie Kitae, KNU for the first part & Dr Kyoung Soon Shin, KORDI for the second part)

Mr Shuji UEKI
Manager, Business Development Department, Ship & Ocean Project Headquarters, MITSUI ENGINEERING & SHIPBUILDING CO.,LTD.

Dr Yong Seok Park
Director of Central Research center, Techcross Inc.

Mr Yoshiharu NUMATA
General Manager, Oil/Gas & Marine Water Treatment Division, Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd.

Mr Young Chu Ohg
Team Manager, Marketing Group, Panasis Co.,Ltd.

Mr Yukihiko OKAMOTO
General Manager, Development Planning Section, BWMS Dept., Ship Machinery Division, JFE Engineering Corporation

Dr Ji Hyoung Lee
Hyundai Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd.

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