JITI Air Cargo Transportation Seminar
` State of the Industry and Future Trends in Asia `
Date & Time Wednesday, 23 February, 2011
Venue The Mayflower Renaissance Washington
Participants 125

 Air cargo represents about 35% of world trade by value, underpins much of the global economy and is often a leading economic indicator. After a long period of stagnation, there are now signs of recovery. Coming out of the recession, Asian economies have been growing rapidly, creating new opportunities for the air cargo industry. From a U.S. perspective, trans-Pacific air routes become more important as the historic U.S.-Japan Open Skies Agreement creates even more new possibilities.

 In this seminar, we studied the present situation of the air cargo transportation industry and what the future trend in the Asia/ Pacific market will be. Insights were provided through keynote speeches by experts of civil aviation policy, transportation economics, the air cargo manufacturing industry, and the air cargo transportation industry from both the U.S. and Japan.
 During the panel discussion and Q&A session, there was productive discussion among the panelists and from the audience on a variety of topics such as rising fuel costs, environmental issues and future prospects of air cargo transportation.

Opening Remarks Makoto Washizu - President, Japan International Transport Institute, USA
Keynote Speeches John Byerly - Former Deputy Assistant Secretary, U.S. State Department
Hirotaka Yamauchi - Professor, Graduate School of Commerce and Management, Hitotsubashi University
Fariba Alamdari - Vice President, Marketing and Value Analysis,
Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Toshiaki Toyama - Vice President, Cargo Marketing, All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (ANA Cargo)
Bailey Leopard - Senior Counsel, FedEx Express
Panel Discussion &
Q & A Session
Kenneth Button (Moderator) - Professor, School of Public Policy,
George Mason University
Keynote Speakers

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