The Institution for Transport Policy Studies

* An Introduction

The Institution for Transport Policy Studies is an independent, non-profit foundation established under the auspices of the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. The activities of the Institution involve comprehensive research and survey programs on transport matters. The Institution also evaluates transport policy and offers recommendations to the Japanese government and concerned parties on transport policy issues.
The overall aim of the Institution is to contribute towards the development of transport policy in order to promote the welfare and quality of life of people in Japan, it's economy and greater harmony in international relations.

* Primary Activities

(1)   Conduct research and surveys on transport matters
(2)   Evaluate and advise the national government on transport policy issues
(3)   Collect and analyze of transport related data
(4)   Survey overseas transport trends
(5)   Conduct regional and international cooperative exchange programs and activities related to transport issues
(6)   Consult on matters related to transport issues
(7)   Host lecture sessions, study meetings and seminars to promote awareness of transport issues
(8)   Publish papers and other periodicals

* Brief History

1968:   The Japan Transport Economics Research Center (JTERC) was founded in order to engage in comprehensive research activities on transport policies.
1991:   The Japan International Transport Institute was established as an internal body of JTERC in order to strengthen global information gathering capabilities
1995:   The Institute for Transport Policy Studies was established as an internal body of JTERC in order to strengthen policy study capabilities.
1998:   The JTERC name was changed to The Institution for Transport Policy Studies and its capabilities for research, policy advisory and other functions were expanded

* Organization

Organizational chart: please click here.